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“The Connection" - (tentative title)  -- 

(Science Fiction/Action/Drama)

N-Take Films in association w/Inspiration Films, Infinity Filmz & Chameleon FilmWorks 

(Non-Union - Accepting SAG/AFTRA but must be willing to work on a SAG waiver).



Pay Info:  Contract Pay - SAG (ultra low budget) weekly scale plus travel and accommodations.

When: Sat. April 13, 2019  (Callbacks on this day as well).

Where:  Red Gears Studios - 699 E. Lakeview Rd. Clearwater, Florida 33756 

(Grey warehouse bldg on S. side of street. Parking on side and back)

10-5pm appt only.

Call backs:  Upon request


Thank you for submitting!


FILM DETAILS:                 

Logline:  Two strangers struggle to overcome insurmountable odds when they are suddenly faced with unimaginable powers and an unbreakable connection.

Film Summary: 

CREDITS: IMDB (Internet Movie Database) credit.  

PROJECT NOTES: We're now casting “The Connection."  An Independent feature film. This is a co-production with N-take Films, Inspiration Films, Infinity Filmz and Chameleon FilmWorks.  This is I.F.’s fifth feature length film intended for U.S. and foreign theatrical & DVD/VOD release.  “The Connection" is an sci-fi/action/drama offering a very strong male/female ensemble cast.  Principal photography shall commence in May 2019.  Craft services on-set and meals provided for full days.  

CASTING DETAILS:  Please send all headshots/resumes or demo reels to the email above.

Include the film title and film role you’re interested in playing in the subject line. Once we receive them we will call or email you to schedule an appointment time.  Once you've received your appointment time then please download the Casting Application (below) and the sides you’re interested in and bring them to the casting. If you do not see a side for that role pick another one and let us know what role you're interested in. Please have a dramatic monologue prepared as well (3 minutes max). There are many roles that span the age ranges between 16-65, so if you don’t see something quite right for you but you meet the age range, please submit. Also, the color of hair and descriptions of the characters are not set in stone. Accepting union and non-union, however union must be financial core or willing to work under a SAG waiver. 

Video auditions are encouraged only if you absolutely CAN NOT make the audition in person and we request them.  Please only apply if you are serious about your craft and working long hours.   

Lastly, we are a serious production company which films approximately 1-2 films a year. We only expect real submissions. A day on set could be 10 to 12 hours so be prepared to take the day off from work. Be responsible with your schedule because it's impossible to get someone to replace you at the last second. We welcome all new-comers. Any other questions feel free to ask on your response email. Please include phone numbers and any alternate email addresses as well.

Crew positions still needed so please submit resumes.  Seeking PA's, Grips, Gaffers & Interns.


Casting Application


Casting Breakdowns:

 Character sides are below, if there aren't any for that character please prepare a three minute max monologue. Thank you.


Vera – 25-35

A woman who was recently thrown out by her long time loser boyfriend for the next best thing. She has emotional issues and is used to being on the losing end.

Vera sides:


Kurt Mcdonald – He is a 30 something detective. He is modern and level headed.

Kurt sides:


Bill – 40’s

A large man looking more like a trucker than your average commuter. Carry’s a gun and isn’t afraid to use it. Must be able to act like you're having a seizure.

Bill sides:


Traci – 25-35

Fosters ex-girlfriend, she is a girl next door type, she is to the point but well mannered. She’s the kind of girl you bring home to mom.

Traci sides:


Mathew – 25-35 Vera’s EX

 Vera’s ex-boyfriend, a real piece of work. He has been with vera for a long time but loves to party and cheat on her. Finally toss her out for the newest thing.


Molly – 25-35

Molly is Mathew’s new girlfriend, she is attractive and has an attitude. She feel she deserves to be with the best guy in town and she worked hard to get him. This is not the girl you bring home to mom.  


Wayne – 40-50’s

Hotel manager, a rough looking 50’s. He doesn’t take any nonsense in his run down rat motel if you pay your rent. Once paid you could do whatever you wanted and he wouldn’t bat an eye.


Dispatcher   A woman in her 50’s, a no nonsense woman who has been on the job for way to long. She is the station mom.  


Featured & Extras:

Man and woman at bus stop.

Various extras and featured extras!





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